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10 Safety Road Crossing Advice for All Pedestrians

10 Safety Road Crossing Advice for All Pedestrians
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10 Safety Road Crossing Advice for All Pedestrians


A pedestrian is a person who is walking on the road especially in the area also used by motorized vehicles.

Generally, there are three types of pedestrians most involved in road traffic crashes: The school children, the elderly and adults under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

While walking or crossing the roads, it’s important to take extra care and concentrate properly on the traffic.


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Good drivers are usually advised to give way for other road users especially pedestrians; and to slow down while approaching built-up areas.

However, pedestrians are also advised to use the suitable pedestrian crossings and to apply caution while walking or crossing busy roads.

As a road user, the following tips will help you stay safe while on foot.



Road Crossing Advice for All Pedestrians


10 Safety Road Crossing Advice for All Pedestrians


#1. Always find a safe place to cross a road; If possible, cross the road using islands, zebra crossings or footbridges.

#2. Use a crossing point controlled by a police officer or traffic warden.

#3. If there isn’t a crossing point nearby, choose a place where you can see clearly in all directions; and where Drivers and Cyclists can see you clearly.

#4. Before you get to the edge of the road; STOP! Don’t go too close to the traffic! Give yourself plenty of time to have a good look around before you step on to the road.

#5. Avoid walking or crossing with headphones or devices that could potentially distract you and reduce your awareness of other road users.

#6. Always look Left! Right! Left! And all around for traffic and listen. If any traffic is coming, WAIT! And let it pass!

#7. Before crossing, look all around again and listen; don’t cross until there’s a safe gap in the traffic; and you’re certain there’s plenty of time.

#8. Remember even if traffic is a long way off, it may be approaching very quickly; so when it’s safe, GO STRAIGHT across the road.

#9. Don’t cross the road DIAGONALLY; and Don’t RUN across the road.

#10. Keep looking and listening for traffic while you CROSS!


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