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10 Ways to Avoid Becoming an Aggressive Driver in Lagos Nigeria

10 Ways to Avoid Becoming an Aggressive Driver in Lagos Nigeria
Written by AB Drives


10 Ways to Avoid Becoming an Aggressive Driver in Lagos Nigeria


Today’s drivers are becoming increasingly frustrated on roads.

Rush hour traffic, the increasing number of construction sites (work zones) and traffic congestion due to roadside businesses have add to the driver’s frustration.

The biggest culprits to dangerous driving practices include the aggressive, road rage and reckless drivers.

Aggressive driving is a form of reckless driving which is the driving of a motor vehicle in a manner that indicates a willful disregard for the safety of other people or property.

Causes of aggressive driving include:

  • Crowded roads;
  • Being in a hurry;
  • Bad roads;
  • Stress from other areas of life;
  • Dangerous driving attitudes; and


Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria is famous and unique in many ways.

Like it is with most cosmopolitan cities across the world, Lagos State is the sixth largest city in the world – having an estimated population of 21 million residents.

With three terminals and two ports, Lagos generates 50% of Nigeria’s port revenue, and the leading non oil Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country.

It is perhaps, not strange that Lagos experiences continuous queues of vehicles which block an entire network of intersecting streets, bringing traffic in all directions to a complete standstill.

Traffic gridlock has become one of the sour identities of Lagos which successive governments in the state have been trying to do away with.


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With the increasing number of commercial activities and vehicles in Lagos, it is anticipated that the demand on the roads system will increase 25 percent by year 2020. And that road capacity will only increase by 4 percent.

Aggressive driving like negligent driving, drag race, and road rage are wrong behaviours or wrong ways drivers do drive that can result in crashes or other incidents on roadways.

A person may be guilty of aggressive driving if he/she does one of the following:

  • Passing traffic lights with steady RED indication or stop signs;
  • Overtaking and passing vehicles on the right;
  • Changing lanes swiftly;
  • Following too closely (tail-getting);
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way; and
  • Exceeding maximum speed limits.

Below are best ways to avoid becoming an aggressive driver in busy cities like Lagos Nigeria.


10 Ways to Avoid Becoming an Aggressive Driver in Lagos Nigeria


#1. Get the right attitude to Defensive Driving by attend a formal driving training to learn the right skills.

#2. Plan your journey ahead and identify potential road hazards, traffic congestions and how to avoid them.

#3. Leave earlier in an attempt to avoid traffic problem at rush hours, make your trips within or to Lagos are done at early hours of the day or latest by noon.

#4. Before leaving, get traffic updates from reliable traffic reporters in Lagos and other related social media networks such as:

  • @lagostraffic961 (Lagos Traffic Radio)
  • @followlastma     Lagos State Traffic management (LASTMA)
  • @Gidi_Traffic       (Gidi Traffic)
  • @abdrives4life (AB Drives)
  • @trafficbutter (Traffic Butter App)
  • @TrafficChiefNG (Lagos Traffic Reporter)
  • And other Lagos Radio stations

#5. While driving, obey traffic signs and signal lights; DO NOT overrun Red Lights or STOP signs!

#6. Do not exceed the legal speed limits – they are there for a reason. And avoid lane indiscipline and dangerous driving.

#7. Avoid driving the wrong way up a one-way road or street to avoid been fined or your vehicle impounded.


lagos lastma

10 Ways to Avoid Becoming an Aggressive Driver in Lagos Nigeria


#8. Slow down while approaching built-up areas; use your horn to inform other road users of your presence and not to intimidate them.

#9. When in traffic, just be late, be a courteous and patient driver. Better still, identify alternative routes.

#10. Follow these tips to protect yourself from any Aggressive Drivers:

  • Set a good example for the younger passengers or children who may be learning from you.
  • Get out of the way and let an aggressive driver pass
  • Don’t challenge them
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Always be a courteous driver
  • Drive well

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