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4 Easy Steps to Register Your Vehicles in Nigeria

4 Easy Steps to Register Your Vehicles in Nigeria
Written by AB Drives


4 Easy Steps to Register Your Vehicles in Nigeria


If you just got a new vehicle, then these 4 easy steps to register your vehicles in Nigeria will help!

A motor vehicle is an automotive devise designed with rubber tires and electro-mechanical engine to use on highways and not operates on rails.

There are different categories of motor vehicles, which can be in the form of a motorcycle, a car, truck, or a bus.

Vehicle registration in Nigeria is the normal registration of a vehicle with the government authority aimed to establish clear ownership and to tax motorists or vehicle owners where necessary.


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While almost all vehicles are uniquely identified by a vehicle identification number, only registered vehicles in Nigeria can display a vehicle registration plate and carry a vehicle registration certificate or license.


Vehicles Number Plates

The number plate is an alpha-numerical vehicle identification mark usual attached at the front and rear sides of the vehicle.

In Nigeria, the last three alphabets on the plate represent the Local Government or Licensing Office where the vehicle is registered.


Registe your vehicle Lagos-plate-number


Anyone who operates a motor vehicle on public roads in Nigeria is required to have his or her vehicle registered.

Therefore for your recently purchased vehicle to be allowed to ply the Nigerian roads, a proper registration processes and proof of road worthiness is required by the law enforcement agencies to void being embarrassed which might lead to vehicle impounded and fines.


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Motor vehicles can be registered in Nigeria at the registry of the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV). There, you will be required to fulfill certain procedures as well as provide some documents as listed below.

Below are some important easy steps you must take to register your vehicles in Nigeria.


4 Easy Steps to Register Your Vehicles in Nigeria


#1. First, provide the required documents:

Some of the required documents include:

  • A valid Driver’s License
  • Vehicle Insurance Policy Number and Insurance documents
  • Means of Identification (e.g. national identity card, etc)
  • Proof of Address (e.g. Utility Bill)
  • Tax Identification Number (if available)
  • Custom Clearance Papers
  • Engine Number (to be copied out from the engine of the vehicle)
  • Proof of Ownership (Receipt of Purchase/Attestation letter from the person/company of purchase)
  • Two (2) recent passport photographs of the vehicle owner
  • Any other documents as may be required by law


#2. Obtain and complete form MVA01:

Upon satisfaction with the documents listed above, the registration officer will issue registration forms to be completed by the applicant.


How to register your vehicles in Nigeria

4 Easy Steps to Register Your Vehicles in Nigeria


#3. Pay the prescribed fees: 

The costs of vehicle registration would depend on the type of vehicle: motorcycle, salon car, truck or bulldozer. So take your time and find out.

#4. Fulfill Other Procedures:

These may include obtaining the Vehicle License; Vehicle Identification Tag, Road Worthiness Certificate; Police Confirmation / Endorsement; Issuance of Number Plate, etc.


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Please contact your local authority vehicle registration office and find out more on how to register your vehicles in Nigeria.




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