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9 Road Crossing Advice for School Children and Teenagers

9 Road Crossing Advice for School Children and Teenagers
Written by AB Drives

9 Road Crossing Advice for School Children and Teenagers


Encouraging children and teenagers to walk to school is a good idea; however, it’s important that children cross the road safely.

Research have shown that young children can’t judge how fast vehicles are going or how far away they are. Experts also revealed that teenagers are easily distracted on the roads -especially when they’re with a group of friends.

Parents are often best placed to help their children learn how to stay safe while on foot. But all of us should pay attention to the rules of the road, especially when walking, crossing or driving.


General Advice

It’s important that school children and teenagers take extra care and concentrate properly on the traffic; even if they’re with a group of friends.

Parents should ensure that their children do not play or ride bicycle on the highways.

Drivers and cyclists are urged to be careful near schools, churches, mosques, markets; snack shops, packs or such areas where children are more likely to be fund.

Campaigns such as the AB Drives Road Crossing Code for School Children will also help children and teenagers learn safety behaviours while on the road.


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The Street Smart is our Traffic and Road Safety Program that educates all Pedestrians about the road safety guidelines – including the school children, teenagers, parents, the elderly, and the physically challenged.

However, if you’re a parent, guardian or school coordinator, the following tips will help your children stay safe while walking or crossing the roads.


Road Crossing Advice for School Children


9 Road Crossing Advice for School Children and Teenagers


#1. Always wear bright, fluorescent or reflective clothing, especially in poor light.

#2. Be prepared to walk in single file if there are several of you walking.

#3. Always use the pavement and keep to the right-hand side of the road.

#4. Keep close to the side of the road on narrow roads.

#5. Always find a safe place to cross a road, be careful, listen and pay attention!

#6. If there is a sharp bend in the road, it may be safer to cross the road well before the bend. So that the on-coming traffic would has a better chance of seeing you.

#7. Use a crossing point controlled by a traffic warden, a police officer or your school crossing patrol.

#8. It’s safer also to use a pedestrian crossing, a footbridge or overhead bridge. You’ll often find one a short distance away.

#9. Don’t use your mobile phone to call, text or listen to music while crossing the road.


The following distractions are major causes of accidents among teenage pedestrians:

  • Talking with friends;
  • Playing on the roads;
  • Listening to music;
  • Reading while on the road;
  • Text messaging (Charting);
  • Playing games (with mobile phones)


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