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About Us

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This website is a one-stop facility for all your driver’s and vehicle maintenance needs.


Our Story


Due to the current rate of road traffic crash in Nigeria, families, business owners and agencies have raised concern for a different approach to road safety campaigns.


Everybody can drive. Yes! But before you can get out on the road and start driving a car, a bus or a motorbike, you need to learn the basics of how to drive and have the knowledge of the road sings.


Whether minor, major or fatal, an accident is never a deliberate attempt to cause harm or inflict any degree of pain; yet road safety should be a collective responsibility.

The most important aspect of driving is safety!



About AB Drives

AB Derives is an automobile motoring and mobility service company that believes in the responsible use of the roadways.

We offer the next generation of drivers a new and exciting way to learn driving and maintain the service condition of their vehicles – following world class transportation standards.



Mission Statement

Since inception, AB Drives has been working behind the scenes – carrying out research, informing; auditing and providing free safety road advice to individuals, school children and corporate businesses.

Our mission is to save lives and reduce the number of injures on our roads every year.


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