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6 Reasons Why Your Car Needs a Comprehensive Insurance

6 Reasons Why Your Car Needs a Comprehensive Insurance
Written by AB Drives

6 Reasons Why Your Car Needs a Comprehensive Insurance


Vehicle insurance, also known as car insurance or motor insurance is the insurance purchased for cars, bus, trucks, motorcycles, and other road vehicles.

The primary use of vehicle insurance is to provide financial protection against physical damage and/or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and the liability that could also arise there from.

Millions of car owners across Nigeria only insure their cars against third-party liability, which is the minimum requirement by law.

However, this third party insurance policy only covers the physical vehicular damage to your victims, in case of accidents.

When registering new vehicles in Nigeria or renewing your vehicle insurance, it’s always advised to go for a comprehensive cover.

This is because comprehensive insurance policy is the most important document in your vehicle – that protects you against financial loss, reasonable liability for deaths, and legal issues.

Having a comprehensive insurance for your motor vehicle is better, as it offers the widest scope of covers, among all other types of motor insurance covers.

Below are some of the key important advantages a comprehensive vehicle insurance package will give you.


6 Important Reasons Why Your Car Needs a Comprehensive Insurance


#1. Theft and Vandalism

Comprehensive vehicle insurance will protect your insured vehicle from damage or loss, when someone breaks in to your car to steal your things or the car itself.


#2. Fire

Any damage to insured vehicle resulting from Fire that is caused by explosions, self-ignition and other natural and accidental causes are covered.


#3. Natural Disasters

Natural disasters will include hurricanes, lightning, flood and windstorms. Damages resulting from malicious act, Strike, Riot and civil commotion are also featured under this section.

In such cases, the cost of material and labour required to fix the vehicle will be covered.


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#4. Falling Objects

Comprehensive vehicle insurance will protect you from the damages occurred in your car as a result of falling objects like a tree, or debris from a construction site.


#5. Animals

An animal or bird can fly in to your car and causes damage; damages caused by striking an animal with your car are also covered under your comprehensive vehicle insurance policy.


#6. Support

Your auto insurance policy may also include more than just coverage for your vehicle.

Other cases like, Towing Facility or charges incurred in an event of accident would be covered first under your Collision or Comprehensive coverage.

This can also be covered under your Towing and Labor (roadside assistance) services, if your policy does not include Collision/Comprehensive package.


6 Reasons Why Your Car Needs a Comprehensive Insurance

6 Important Reasons Why Your Car Needs a Comprehensive Insurance



As the business owner or executive who understand the value of your vehicles, the cost of spare parts and the risks you may be facing while driving the car, choosing a comprehensive vehicle insurance may be the best way to go.

This is because having a comprehensive cover means that you are protected against any claims made by drivers or other road users whose vehicles or property was damaged in an accident that your are at fault.

It also allows the policy holder to claim (from his insurer) for accidents that occurred when fault cannot be established against him or another person; including when you return to your parked car and find it has been damaged by an unknown vehicle or person.

No matter the type of a vehicle that you need comprehensive auto insurance for in Nigeria, AB Drives recommends that you consider Cornerstone Insurance Plc.

Cornerstone Insurance offers among other benefits, a special service inspections, quick claims settlement, and 24/7 response time.

The descriptions of benefits listed above are necessarily brief and are subject to the provisions and exclusions that can only be expressed in the policy and related endorsements by our Partner Insurance Company.


However, to buy any insurance products, you will need:

  • Vehicle Chassis Number,
  • Engine Number, and
  • Vehicle Registration Number

More can be found on your vehicle license document.


Wrapping up

Comprehensive insurance is the most protective motor cover that can give drivers the peace of mind while going around their daily business endeavor.

At AB Drives, we understand that accidents happen. And when they do, your concern should be the safety of the driver, your family and other passengers like yourself.

Let AB Drives worry about the rest; by purchasing a comprehensive car insurance policy with vehicle breakdown (roadside assistance) coverage.

Please get in touch with your insure or contact us here to request a quote and additional details for free.


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