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Car Rentals Services at AB Drives Lagos Nigeria

Car Rentals Services at AB Drives Lagos Nigeria
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Car Rentals Services at AB Drives Lagos Nigeria


Book your airport transfers and general car rentals services at AB Drive Lagos Nigeria.

No matter which type of vehicle (car, jeep, bus, van, truck or bikes) you want to have for your events, wedding, business, holiday trips or vacation within Lagos, you can rent it at a hassle-free experience.

AB Drives provides modern vehicles and experienced drivers with good understanding of the Lagos city map, traffic rules, emergency stations, and top hotels reservations.

Most of our vehicles are mechanically sound with installed safety equipment and Air Conditioning for your comfort.

“They all have comprehensive insurance policy which covers your victims in case of accidents”…that is what our customers are talking about it.

If you are just visiting Lagos and you plan a car pickup or additional transportation services upon arrival at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja, you may have AB Drives reserve the car for you.


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Car Rentals Services at AB Drives Lagos Nigeria

Car Rentals Services at AB Drives Lagos Nigeria


Car Booking Process

Whether you want to lease the car for a certain period but don’t have the license to drive, you can arrange all your transportation needs through our website:

If possible, the reservation should be made far enough in advance so that a booking confirmation can be received via email.

At the time you reserve a car, we need to know the date and time the car will be picked up, the make or type of car desired, how long the car will be needed and whether you will need anything like experienced drivers or chauffeurs.

Our fully qualified and experienced drives are made available for individuals or organizations who may need our services.

This solution is fast and affordable ways to strengthen your safety and compliance management system.

By allowing AB Drives to provide the facilities and coordinate logistics through each step of your journey you can cut through the stress and ensure a smooth trip.


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