Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


You are looking for first class personal services, innovative products, and business packages: get details fast by browse through this Frequently Asked Questions page.

Fill out our online inquiry form to request a Quote for the services or products that you need, whenever wherever you need it.




What Is Your Terms of Services?

The AB Drives Terms of Service explains the terms and conditions of use and other such applicable policies that bind your obligation with us.

Our Privacy Policy also explains how we collect, use and safeguard your information with us.


Who is Your Audience & Customers?

AB Drives is open for all individuals, agencies and corporate businesses; made up of different cadre and drawn from different parts of the country.

Our programs are suitable for business owners, young graduates, and busy working executives who are seeking to advance their businesses by hiring our services or improve their driving skills.

By undertaking the prescribed courses in Automobile Drivers’ Education (Classroom and Behind-The-Wheel-Training) via


Who are Your Staffs & Experienced Team?

AB Drives has a great management staff with fully qualified and friendly instructors and drivers who prepare the necessary logistics and materials that make it a success story where others have failed.

We boast of having trained over 62 certified and licensed drivers all the way.


How Can I Report a Violation or Bridge Of Contract?

If your needs are not met swiftly; or you faced any service related issues, please accept our apology for getting you involved.

AB Drives will be grateful to assist, so we want to hear from you.

Kindly fill out the request form to settle any service related challenges. If it’s a principal violation, we recommend you get in touch with the management team.





What is the Current List Price for your Products/Services?

AB Drives offers its products and services at fair and considerable prices!

Determining a good price for a product depends on a lot of factors, but this is done with two objectives in mind:

  • Ensuring the Company’s profitability objectives is achieved.
  • Ensuring the customer perceives the prices as reasonable and/or affordable.

However, remember to Contact us to discuss the packages or service requirements that suit your budgets.


What Is Your Acceptable Payment Options?

AB Drives adopts flexible payment methods for your convenience.

You can use the simple direct credit transfer option to our bank accounts. Or use the online payment platform (if available).

Please be aware that we do not accept mobile payment options at the moment.

All cash, crossed cheques or transfer payments to AB Drives should be made in favour of Abbakin Glova Solution Ltd – using the account details supplied fully on request.


Bank Details Information:

  • Bank Name: First Bank Nig Plc
  • Bank Branch: Nationwide
  • Account Name: Abbakin Glova Solution Ltd
  • Account Number: 101-XXX-7686


After your payments, send the following information to us for proper documentation:

  • Your unique Customer ID; Amount Paid;
  • Details of Payment (for); Name of Depositor;
  • Phone Number and Email Address;
  • Scanned copy of the payment acknowledgment slip or teller (if possible).


Mail to: Or Call: +2348-06417-7970 to settle any payment related issues.

You will get a feedback via phone call or email as soon as we receive your information.


What Is Your Order Placement & Return Policies?

Aside digital products which can be downloaded online, all goods and services ordered on can be delivered once you have paid for your products.

You will receive an email containing an order number, which you can use to track the status of your products.

Returns of products or cancellation of booked appointments/reservations at AB Drives are only allowed within 5 business days upon delivery.

If you changed your mind and want to cancel an item, please contact us by phone immediately before its successful delivery.





What Can I Study?

AB Drives specialize in short courses and workshops that are designed to meet your training and driving certification needs.

To find the right level of training, please to Contact us to discuss the course that suits your requirements and day schedules or;

Visit the course page: How to Start Your Free Driving Training Online at AB Drives


What Are The Nature Of The Courses?

Our courses refer to the latest Nigerian States and Federal Approved Road Transportation Standards and Procedures, and have also been validated by many established international body of knowledge and are suitable for study anywhere in the world.


What Do I Benefit Out Of The Training?

Because we love to empower people, new individuals and businesses can benefit from our 2-6 months mentorship programs. We offer the best theory, practical and hazards perception test!

Learning to do it on your own or even having the licence just enough; this course will help you get a good job, start your own business and stay competitive in what is now a transport driven economy.