Free Online Driving Test

AB Drives Free Online Driving Test


Welcome to AB Drives Free Online Driving Test!

There are 30 questions you’re expected to face in this section, covering driving theory and hazard perception test based on acceptable Driver Training Standards.

Whether it’s your first time to learn driving or you’ve already started to drive a bike, a car, bus or a truck, there is a database of over 600 different questions to test your experience and what to do when you see a hazard developing.

The pass mark is 28 and the test would be completed in 30 minutes or less. Once you have completed the test, click on “Submit Answers for Grading” to get your results in real-time.


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Understanding – Knowledge – Skill – Attitudes – Safety: These are the keywords that have become the focus of AB Drives, when it comes to Drivers Assessments.



AB Drives wants you to understand why a safe, defensive and considerate driving is better for everyone; and why aggressive, drag-race or reckless driving are wrong and may pose danger to other road users like yourself.



Being a safe driver takes a lot of skill, experience, responsibility and judgment. Hence, AB Drives is providing the necessary resources you will need to be a one step closer to your success.



This online driving theory test is a great way of gaining valuable knowledge as to what the practical driving road test will be like when you purchase a good driving training package.


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