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8 Important Qualities That Make a Good or Professional Driver

Qualities That Make a Good or Professional Driver
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8 Important Qualities That Make a Good or Professional Driver


In today’s service driven economy, driving from one location to another for personal or business reasons is a necessary part of our lives.

Automobile driving is an art, and it can be dangerous.

The most important aspect of driving is safety. It takes a good driver to ensure regular vehicle maintenance and to drive with caution under several conditions.

Driving is 80% mentally and 20% physical. Not everyone is physically or mentally able to do it well. To some, it comes naturally, to others, it takes time.

We need good drivers to keep the roads safe for everyone. You can get out on the road and start driving a car, a bus or a motorbike and think you’re a driver.

However, first time drivers need to learn the basics driving and get the knowledge of the road signs before thinking of going out and driving yourself, your friends and other passenger.


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By attending an accredited driving school, learning form experienced driver instructors and passing the driving test, this will definitely help to reduce road related injuries.

Car insurance bills, vehicle breakdowns, accidents and traffic violations (that often lead to fines) usually drop substantially if drivers can show graduation skills while on the road.

Below are important qualities that make a good or professional driver.


8 Important Qualities That Make a Good or Professional Driver

#1. A good driver should perceive road safety as a collective responsibility.

#2. He/she must understand, interpret and obey the road signs, traffic rules and regulations.

#3. Professional drivers should be knowledgeable and competent about driving skills.

#4. A truck driver for instance should have basic knowledge of how a truck operates –Mechanics.

#5. He must have the right attitude, and the ability to anticipate potential road hazards, which is called Defensive Driving

#6. A good driver must be careful, be patient, concentrate and be responsible for other road users and the environment

#7. A professional driver is formally trained to drive. In this career, he must have held a valid driver’s license for a period of 4 years with certain amount of experience driving.

#8. He/she should always drive to save a life and avoid all road vices, such as:

  • Driving without seat belt;
  • Dangerous driving;
  • Speed limit violation;
  • Lane indiscipline;
  • Running the Red Light!
  • Making or receiving phone calls while driving;
  • Listening to loud radio or audio records while driving;
  • And more.


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