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15 Most Important Road Safety Advice For All Cyclists

15 Most Important Road Safety Advice For All Cyclists
Written by AB Drives

15 Most Important Road Safety Advice For All Cyclists


Cycling has become more popular in recent years, especially on the back of the success of Sports Olympics. A cyclist is a person that rides a bicycle, motorcycle, or tricycle.

Whether it’s for work, school or pleasure, cycling can help you keep fit and keep to time against heavy traffic; it’s convenient, economical, and environmentally friendly.

With millions of people now choosing to cycle, safety is an increasingly important issue. The is because Cyclists are more exposed, less stable, small in size and more likely to involved in a road crash than Motorists.

Cyclists are also expected to obey virtually the same traffic rules and regulations as drivers.


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Below are the most important road safety advice for all cyclists. Following these tips will help you stay safe on the road.


15 Most Important Road Safety Advice For All Cyclists


#1. Be visible to other road users and pedestrians by wearing bright, fluorescent or reflective clothing – especially at dark.

#2. Always protect yourself with a helmet – this reduces your risk of head injury in a case of accident.

#3. Avoid cycling with headphones or devices that could potentially distract you and reduce your awareness of other road users.

#4. Before you ride, ensure the bike is in good working condition.

#5. While on the road, don’t move too close to the vehicle before you; Give yourself space on the right, and don’t cycle between two vehicles.


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#6. Make eye contact with Drivers and other road users, let them know you’ve seen them; Show Drivers what you plan to do in plenty of time and when it’s safe to do so.

#7. Looking over your shoulder while indicating with one hand can also be a useful practice if you have mastered the Hand Signals.

#8. Always look and signal before you start, stop, turn, or before you make a manoeuvre; don’t weave in and out of traffic or change direction suddenly without signaling.


Road Safety Advice For All Cyclists


#9.When overtaking parked cars – watch out for car doors opening suddenly, and allow room to pass safely.

#10. Obey the traffic lights, including lights at pedestrian crossings; always check for the signs.


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#11. It’s against the law to ride through roads, streets or on pavements that cycling is not allowed.

#12. Do not exceed legal speed limits and do not drive against the traffic.

#13. Use your bell or horn to inform other road users of your presence, and not to ask them to move faster.

#14. Fit a bell, horn or mirror if your bike is not fitted with one.

#15. Give pedestrians priority at all times and ride safely always!



Road safety advice to all drivers and cyclists



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