Start Your Free Driving Training Online at AB Drives

Start Your Free Driving Training Online at AB Drives


Start Your Free Driving Training Online at AB Drives


Welcome to AB Drives: the right place to Learn, Pass and Drive with Confidence!

It takes a good driver to ensure regular vehicle maintenance and to drive with caution under several conditions.

When choosing a driving school for yourself, your friend or a member of your family, it is always important that you make the right choice.

A good driving lesson is a gift for life!



How to Start Your Free Driving Training Online at AB Drives


  • Are you preparing for a driving test to enable you obtain your Driver’s License?
  • Do you want to be trained as a private, commercial or professional driver with ‘safe driving’ in your mind?
  • Do you want to begin a career in an industry that offers a lot of job security and satisfaction?


If your answer to any of the above questions is yes! Then you need not worry about anything.

This is because AB Drives teaches free online driving lessons for young beginners, adult learners, nervous learners and international students.

However, the speeds at which people learn to drive often depends on the skills of their driving training instructor (DTI), the quality of the materials provided, and the training system used.

We offer you a new and exciting way you can learn to drive and maintain the service condition of your vehicles – where the training is carefully planned, expertly delivered and combined with modern training facilities.

At, you will acquire the knowledge and skills that will not only give you an excellent pass rates, but also keep you safe on the roads – so you can enjoy driving for life!

Our fast track Intensive Driving Courses, a planned Theory Presentation combined with one-to-one Practical Driving Test enables us to offer the best possible support to our clients.

AB Drives exercises utmost care while providing you with the most suitable packages and our Instructors are taking your unique situations and specific requirements into account.


How Does It Work?

Here, you are provided with free video guides, free training materials, workbook and other important resources you need when you purchase a full study path.

All you need to do is engage each step of the process and then check if you have understood things by going through our Free Online Driving Test.

Next, you put your knowledge into practice under the guidance of your Driver Instructor; and soon you will be ready for your Final Road Test!

Therefore you’re learning the easiest and safest way to drive today: From reading everything online, then to the L-plate, all through the Licensing stages.


Start Your Free Driving Training Online at AB Drives


What Will I Study?

Finding the right level of training is very important and our recommended training levels include:

  • The Short Motorway Beginner Courses
  • The Refresher/Advanced Driving Courses; and
  • The Expert Level Certifications and Licensing Packages


What Do I Get Out of This?

  • Candidates will learn the arts of safe driving, defensive driving techniques; emergency prevention, and daily vehicle maintenance parades.
  • You will study everything you need to become a professional and commercial car, bus or truck driver.
  • Your car insurance bills, accidents and bodily injuries will usually drop substantially if you can show a graduation skill while on the road.
  • Today’s employment market is a ‘war for talent’, and it’s difficult to stand out in the crowd. With Licensing and Certification, you can begin a career in an industry that offers a lot of job security and satisfaction. Your choice probably depends on whether this is a career change or career start.


How Do I Start?

Let us set you on the highway to success!

Find out more on how to get on the road with the minimum of fuss and hassle with our step by step guide!

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information or get in touch with us here.

To Start Now: Simply follow the links below to begin the courses for free!


Start Your Free Driving Training Online at AB Drives Now