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Starting Your Free Drivers Training Tutorials at AB Drives

Starting Your Free Drivers Training Tutorials at AB Drives

Starting Your Free Drivers Training Tutorials at AB Drives


Course Overview


Thank you for having interest in starting your free drivers training tutorials at AB Drives!

Undertaking the prescribed courses in Automobile Drivers’ Education (Classroom and Behind-The-Wheel-Training) at an accredited institution is ideal for families, young professional and business executives seeking to promote their driving experience and general safety.

AB Drives develops its training programs to suit individual and organizational specific requirements.

Our course contents are designed and presented by fully qualified instructors following accreditation by the Department of Motor Vehicle Administration (DVMA), under the Nigerian Federal Road Safety Commission Code.

These courses not only refer to the latest Nigerian States and Federal Approved Road Transportation Standards and Procedures; they have been validated by many established international body of knowledge and are suitable for study anywhere in the world.

AB Drives provides the newest of these courses that you can start in the comfort of your home for free. But we have some premium, and more Practical Driving Courses which will probably help you make progress and achieve your learning objectives.

With our online mentoring system of learning and support via our interactive forums, learning is not only on your own. Learners can ask questions, request additional resources and receive clarification from instructors 24×7.

This training will help you get the answers and understanding principles they need to drive their life, career and business forward.

Thus, individuals can study on their own pace and still keep their daily job schedules and personal life.

These same courses can also be delivered to employees or students at your own office/school premises, for a more cost-effective solution.

Please contact your local authority Road Safety Team and find out more on how you to learn driving in your jurisdiction!

AB Drives provides free road safety information for all road users. Our mission is to save lives and reduce the number of injuries on our roads every year.

If you’re just landing on this page, it is expected you read the preview page before starting this lesson! It contains information about the course objectives, learning outcomes and course materials.


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