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This lesson is part of a sequence: Starting Your Free Drivers Training Tutorials at AB Drives; featuring a total of 6 lessons that may last close to 45 minutes.

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 Course Table of Contents


  • Brief History of the Nigeria Traffic Laws & Regulations
  • The FRSC Establishment Act 2007
  • The National Road Traffic Regulation 2004
  • The Road Transport Standardization Scheme (RTSS)
  • The Nigerian Road Enforcement Agencies
  • The Nigerian Traffic Offenses


 Lesson Two – The Nigeria Drivers License        

  • Learners Instruction Permit
  • The Nigeria Drivers License
  • The Classes of Drivers License
  • Who Needs a Driving License?
  • Your Keys to safe Driving:
    • Vision Test
    • Hearing
    • Knowledge Test
    • Driving Test


 Lesson Three – Knowledge of the Road

  • Road Conditions
  • Types of Roads
  • Road Junctions
  • Road Interexchange
  • Categories of Road Users
  • The Qualities of a Good Driver


Lesson Four – Traffic Controls

  • The Traffic Signs
  • Lane Control Signs
  • Road Markings
  • Traffic Signals
  • Highway Personnel in Traffic Controls


Lesson Five – Basic Driving

  • The Motor Vehicles
  • Starting a Vehicle
  • Braking and Stopping
  • Steering & Turning
  • Turn Signals
  • Appropriate Speed
  • Hand Signals


Lesson Six – Bad Weather Driving

  • Slippery Roads
  • Driving Under Rain
  • Fog or Misty Weather
  • Hills and Curves
  • Rural Road Driving
  • Skid Prevention




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