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Making Your Travel Arrangements In 6 Easy Steps | Lagos Nigeria

Making Travel Arrangements to Lagos Nigeria Abbakin
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Making Your Travel Arrangements In 6 Easy Steps | Lagos Nigeria


Making a successful travel arrangements take a bit of planning and time to find the best prices and coordinate logistics through each step of your journey.

Whether you are planning a vacation, holiday or business trip to Lagos, Abuja, or Port Harcourt Nigeria, making the correct travel arrangements before leaving is one way to ensure a smooth, and stress free trip.

Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria is famous and unique in many ways. Lagos is the sixth largest city in the world – having an estimated population of 21 million residents.

With three terminals and two ports, Lagos generates 50% of Nigeria’s non oil Gross Domestic Products (GDP).

While air travel was once seen as a symbol of luxury and wealth, today it is the preferred way to travel great distances by nearly everyone.

The Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos, is the major hub for air travels and aviation within the ECOWAS sub-region.

The Murtala Mohammed International Airport is a central point for air travels in Nigeria and between the United States of America, the United Arabic Emirate, the people Republic of China and Europe.

However, when you choose to travel by ground transportation with Lagos, you should ensure the car rental agency provides you modern vehicles, experienced drivers with good understanding of the city map, traffic rules, emergency stations, hotels and refreshment centers across the city.

Irrespective of your locations or destinations, below are 6 easy steps in making your travel arrangements more successful.


Making Your Travel Arrangements In 6 Easy Steps | Lagos Nigeria


#1. Get Your Passport Ready

If you’re thinking about travelling out of Nigeria or visiting Nigeria for the first time, your Passport, Visa and Medical Reports are key things that may border your plans about traveling to a country.

A passport is the official document issued by the country of which you’re a citizen. For example, the Nigerian Passports are issued to Nigerian citizens to travel outside of Nigeria.

Nigerian government now offers electronic passports for new passport applications, known as the E-Passport.

When applying for a passport for the first time, the person must pay the proscribed fees, complete the forms, provide the necessary documents (e.g. 3 passport photographs, your local government of origin, birth certificate) and then appear in person before an acceptance passport office.


Making Your Travel Arrangements Nigeria e-passport Abbakin


The Nigerian Passports are issued by the Department of Immigration; however, application is usually made locally, online or through the Nigerian Embassy in the country where you’re residence.


#2. Secure the VISA

A Visa is issued by the government of the country in which one plans to travel.

A visa is usually a stamp on a page in the traveler’s passport, as in the picture. Occasionally, a visa may also be a separate document.

If a visa is needed, your passport must be submitted to the embassy or consular office of the foreign country involved.

Obviously, these can be time – consuming processes and should be started several weeks prior to the date of travel.

International travels may also require specific immunizations to enter a country.

So if you need information about vaccinations or inoculations required to visit Nigeria, please consult the embassy or the related travel agent in charge your travel arrangements.


#3. Determine Your Destination

Choose the exact addresses of location you will be going and your travel dates based on the activities you plan to do.

If you’re attending a business meeting or conference in Lagos Nigeria, consider flying into town the day before to allow plenty of time for preparations and other eventualities.

It is perhaps, not strange that Lagos experiences continuous queues of vehicles which block an entire network of intersecting streets, bringing traffic in all directions to a complete stand still.

Traffic gridlock has become one of the sour identities of Lagos which successive governments in the state have been trying to do away with.

In an attempt to avoid traffic problem at rush hours, we encourage that you enter Lagos City at early hours of the day or latest by noon.


#4. Choose the Right Travel Agency

If you are expected to make the arrangements directly with the airline, car rental agency and hotel accommodation, be careful when selecting your travel agencies.

Choose experienced agents who have up to date knowledge about the different aspects of the Nigerian travel industry, including hospitality, land and air travels.

This is to ensure your trip is well planned and often can make you save money from the quoted price of airline tickets, room accommodations and car rental rates.


You can be sure by using reliable Nigerian domestic and/or international passenger airlines like:


If you need a commercial road transport services in the proximity of the airport or to the place you are to travel, you may consider using AB Drives, a foremost car rental agency in Nigeria.

AB Drives assists corporate bodies and individuals in minimizing the hassle and cost associated with local transportation services and other travel arrangements.

We offer detailed assistance with airport transfers, ticket booking, car hire, and hotels reservations within Lagos.


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#5. Make All Reservations

Perhaps the single most useful source of information to use when making air travel arrangements is the travel planners, hotel guides and the airline timetables given in the local time for the destination city.

With the information well gathered above, booking flights, hotels and car services comes next.

If possible, the reservations should be made far enough in advance so that a written confirmation can be received via email.

You will need to supply the date, prefer make or type of car needed, accommodation specifications, such as a room, a suite; or a lodge in a certain location of choice.


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# Now Package the Trip

If   you are interested in visiting Lagos as a tourist, make final preparations, plan activities for the duration of your stay, purchase tickets for tours, events and research tourist attractions before arrival in travel guides.

Compare prices online through websites or directly phone calls to your travel arrangements agencies.

Gather all necessary travel documents before departure. This may include tickets, passports and immunization records.

These should be packed in your carry-on luggage and made easily accessible.

For employees who are scheduling travels for their boss or work executives, store every pertinent detail — such as flight number, hotel, dates and times onto your boss’s Smartphone or Tablet.

This will be an all-inclusive, easy-to-digest, and as convenient as reaching into their jacket pocket.


How’re you making your travel arrangements? Tell us about your project here.


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